Susie Joyce


Susie Joyce
Brooklands Barn, Mill Lane, Stradbroke
IP21 5HW
Suffolk Borders Trail
3rd - 4th June, 10th - 11th June
Paint & Sculpture,
Mixed Media
I paint using acrylic on canvas. My recent works are of discarded objects looked at differently, to show the beauty of their colour and shapes. I also paint in watercolour, gouache, use oil and soft pastel on paper. I create layers till it works for me, leaving areas a mixture of translucence, thick layers creating rich colours. I sculpt and install that which has been discarded, looking at them anew, using colour and abstraction. My work is about my passion for colours and how they relate to each other, how they help to create form and space

My sculpture is an experiment with new materials, such as rusty iron and found objects, and also clay and cast in bronze.

I also have etchings and lino cuts on sale.
Susie Joyce

Location & Directions

Mill Lane is outside Stradbroke village centre on Laxfield Road b1117. Go up the hill past the cemetery then turn left. Mill Lane is 3/4 mile long and studio is at the end. From Laxfield coming from the east when you see the sign for Stradbroke slow down, passing several houses. Turn right into Mill Lane. There is a white sign indicating Mill Lane.


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