James Jenkins (Mabel & Co)


James Jenkins (Mabel & Co)
Blacksmith's Forge
Sudbourne Park
IP12 2AJ
07706 067 569
Suffolk Coastal
10th - 11th June, 24th - 25th June
In a former Wheelwright’s Shop on the Sudbourne Estate, close to the River Ore, we have been quietly working away restoring old textile equipment in order to breathe life into them once more and return woollen weaving to Suffolk.

Our treadle powered Hattersley Domestic loom was rescued from an abandoned house on the remote Isle of Lewis, brought back whole and painstakingly cleaned, mended and tuned, ready for use. Further old textile machines have been found lain dusty, neglected and unused, then restored and converted to solar power to ensure we produce the most sustainable cloth possible.

Our project is on going and we are developing relationships with shepherds, to source fleece from rare breed British sheep, grading and sorting, before sending off for spinning. When the yarn returns we will weave and finish the cloth at the studio, ready for clothing and furnishings, in the varied natural hues of the breed.
James Jenkins (Mabel & Co)

Location & Directions

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About 1 mile away from Orford you come to a five ways junction in Sudbourne, Sudbourne Park is clearly marked on the right (with the lodge
there also). Come down the long drive and keep right at the bottom, passing in front of the two urns on pedestals. Keep going, with the old coach house and stables (that are now houses) on the left. The road gets rougher at this point. After the walled garden turn left into the Bothy Yard and go straight through and out the other side. On the left will be the octagonal seed store and my green Land Rover will be parked to the right. I'll be keeping an ear out, but if I don't hear you, walk through
the fence and around the front.


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