Annie Turner


Annie Turner
2 Forge Store Studios
Sudbourne Park
IP12 2AJ
01394 459 729
Suffolk Coastal
10th - 11th June, 24th - 25th June
Annie Turner’s sculpture is imprinted with the river Deben’s past and present, the cycles of nature and the interaction of man. These are, as she puts it ‘objects that trigger the memory’, as much collective memory as personal recollection. These encrusted forms , ladders, Claw, jetties – reveal the particular texture and weather of this waterland, the character of its beds and inlets , the colour of its reflected sky. The richly layered Mussel bowls, impressed with the fragments and detritus Turner has found on innumerable walks, are small in scale but encapsulate so much about the broader landscape – a tidal geography concentrated and made intimate.

Written By David Whiting
Annie Turner

Location & Directions

About 1 mile away from Orford you come to a five ways junction in
Sudbourne, Sudbourne Park is clearly marked on the right (with the lodge
there also). Come down the long drive and keep right at the bottom,
passing in front of the two urns on pedestals. Keep going, with the old
coach house and stables (that are now houses) on the left. The road gets
rougher at this point. After the walled garden turn left into the Bothy
Yard and go straight through and out the other side. On the left will be
the octagonal seed store and my green Land Rover will be parked to the
right. I'll be keeping an ear out, but if I don't hear you, walk through
the fence and around the front.


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